Ya get what ya pay for

A couple of week’s ago I purchased energy bars on sale. I’ve used this brand before but for the past year I’ve been using apple slices and a combination of nuts and seeds to fuel my physical activities. At 4 for $5.00 I thought I was getting a pretty good deal and it was time for a little change. 

When I got the energy bars home I noticed that “70% Organic Ingredients” is now printed on the front of the package. I found this kind of fascinating. If something isn’t 100% organic is it organic at all? Generally speaking I do enjoy reading food labels. When I read the label on this energy bar I was reminded of why I had steered away from this particular brand. It has a ton of ingredients (some that are not organic, but we knew that already didn’t we?), and all those ingredients provided 260 calories in a 68 g bar. 

When it comes to using energy bars for exercise they are a great resource. Still the simpler the list of ingredients consumed the less work your body has to do to have access to the energy it needs.  After using one of these bars on a bike ride I can say that while they do fill the hunger hole they do not have the same results in providing an energy boost that the apple/nuts/seeds combination does. 

At first glance, purchasing apples, nuts and seeds may seem more expensive. Then there is the time it takes to slice the apples. Then everything has to be packaged up for the journey (by the way, I’ve been using these re-usable bags with zippers that have worked perfectly for carting around these foods). In the end, the extra expense and effort pays off because my body is using less energy breaking down the food to use it as energy. I hope that makes sense.

This comes back to the fact that the only reason that we need to eat is to nourish our bodies so that they can keep going and doing all the wonderful things that they do. While I do love nacho chips and dark chocolate (not together), and I will eat a donut from time-to-time, I have cleaned up my eating habits over the years. I appreciate that grocery shopping and food preparation take time. Shopping for groceries is one of my least favourite things to do. I doubt I will ever love it, but I am enjoying cooking more and more. There is something empowering about creating a meal that not only tastes good but is really good for you. Not because the package says that but because you know every ingredient that went into it. 

I still have a couple of these bars left. They are good until January 2020. They will be a back up when the apples, nuts and seeds run out.

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