The floor is your friend

Many of my clients are still working from home. Many of them are commenting on muscle soreness and overall stiffness. It’s sad to say but that totally makes sense. Gone are the built in opportunities to walk throughout the day. For many, the walk to work now is just a few paces. Going out for lunch isn’t an easy option. There’s no wandering to another office to ask a coworker a question. Sure, we could set an alarm to get up and move. That is great practice but sometimes it gets discarded for an important email conversation. That’s where sitting on the floor comes in.

At this very moment I am sitting on the floor typing away on my laptop. For a few minutes I have it on my lap. When that becomes uncomfortable I move it to the floor in front of me. That’s the beauty of sitting on the floor. Getting too comfortable isn’t an option. 

When we sit in chairs we fidget every few minutes to change positions but the change is limited; the right angle at our hips that sitting creates pretty much stays the same. That combined with our legs being together or crossed causes a whole bunch of limitations that if you don’t feel them yet you will in the future.

Get down to the floor. That in itself is a great thing to do on a daily basis. Think about all the muscles that come into play to get you down there and back up again. Every day that you do it, it will get easier. Once you’re sitting on the floor try these different positions:

  • Sit* with your legs together straight out in front of you. Flex your feet and push your knees into the floor as you lean forward with a straight back. How does that feel? 

  • Move your legs as wide apart as you can. Flex your feet, push your knees into the floor and lean forward again with a straight back. 

  • Move into the 90/90 position (search for this one on the Internet if you’re not familiar with it).

  • Then sit cross legged. Be sure to alternate which foot is pulled in first. If you’re like me, one way is more comfortable than the other. I’m trying to even myself out.

*Do not lean against anything. That is cheating. You won’t gain as much mobility if you do that as you would by sitting unassisted.

It is possible to type on a laptop in every one of those positions. The 90/90 version might be a challenge for some (as it is for me). Give them all a try. Don’t limit it to the workday. Try it while you’re watching TV, reading or scrolling through your device. Start with a short period of time and build up from there. The long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term discomfort.

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