Our Fall Spinning Session

Our Fall Spinning session is underway. It’s not too late to register. We’ll adjust the price!

Registering for the session guarantees you a specific time slot for the length of the session.
There is no calling ahead to book a bike or standing in line prior to the class.

A 5% discount is offered for individuals registering in 2 or more session classes per week.

Please note that prices are pro-rated should you choose to join mid-session.

You may also drop-in for a class. The fee is $17.00 including tax.  Bikes may be booked up to a week in advance.

Contact spinning@thepointforfitness.com to book your bike.

Fall Class Times

Monday6:00 PMMichelle
7:15 PMGina/Vanessa
Tuesday6:00 PMLaurie
Wednesday6:00 PMShen
7:15 PMShen
Saturday9:15 AMStephanie
Sunday9:15 AMJulie/Vanessa

Fall Session 2016 – Energy Zones/Ride Schedule – December 2016

VariedLaurie's ChoiceLaurie's ChoiceLaurie's ChoiceLaurie's ChoiceLaurie's Choice

Laurie's Choice

LAST CLASS of the session.



The regular schedule will include the following Energy Zones™

Endurance: This workout trains the body to be more efficient. The emphasis is on finding a comfortable heart rate/exertion level and peddling style that could conceivably be maintained for hours (HR range 65 – 75%).

Strength: The goal of this workout is to develop muscular endurance and cardiovascular power through the use of heavy resistance. Rest is advised for the day following this workout (HR range 75 – 85%).

Interval: Developing the ability to recover quickly after work efforts is the goal of this workout. This session incorporates movements to increase heart rates/exertion levels to anaerobic levels and then allows the required rest time for recovery (HR range 65 – 92% and recovery is to 65%).

Varied Ride: This ride was developed to provide the participant with a mixture of each (Endurance, Strength, and Interval) of the other Energy Zones (HR range 65 – 92%).

Aerobic Varied: This ride was developed to provide the participant with a mixture of each (Endurance, Strength and Interval) of the other Energy Zones while maintaining a heart rate no higher than 80% of the maximum heart rate (HR range 65 – 80%).

Aerobic Strength: To gain the benefits of an aerobic workout the heart rate range is 70 – 80%, however the goal of developing muscular endurance and cardiovascular power is maintained through the use of heavier resistance.

Aerobic Interval: Developing the ability to recover quickly after work efforts is the goal of this workout. 
The Aerobic Interval class increases heart rates/exertion levels to as high as 80% of the maximum heart rate before allowing the required rest time for recovery to 65%.

These rides/services will be available outside of the regularly scheduled classes:

AT Test: Are you singing along when your heart rate monitor says 85%? Does your monitor say 65% when your instructor says you’re working at 80%? As your base fitness level improves, your target heart rate ranges will change. To help you focus your workouts where you need them, The Point for Fitness offers the AT Test, which is designed to review and confirm your target HR zones. This 30-minute session includes approximately 15 minutes on the bike and will help to establish your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds so you can continue to improve your base and reach your exercise and fitness goals. Bring your Spinning® gear and get ready to pedal! Our specially trained instructors will do the rest.

Bench Mark Ride: This ride gives you the opportunity to gauge your fitness progress. Yes, it’s true – you can track how well you’re doing! It is an “Interval” type ride where recovery times will be measured and recorded. The goal will be to increase the recovery range during the time allotted because a speedy recovery is an indication of improved fitness.

Base Building Ride: You can do this – really you can! For this ride, the traditional rules and regulations of a Spinning class have been discarded. In the company of a Point-certified instructor, enjoy the two hour Base Building Ride and the opportunity to pedal at your own pace, riding seated or standing, and to build the aerobic foundation that is key to improved fitness. Not to mention there will be Jujubes! And really there are no rules – you can even get off the bike should you need a break.

1.5 Hour Ride: Just like one of regular “Varied” rides but a little bit longer. It’s a challenge….hills, flats, more hills, more flats, and if you are lucky, a few jumps thrown in for good measure. Thirty extra minutes of riding. Thirty extra minutes to help you take it to the next fitness level.

NOT the NORM are specially scheduled rides that include “theme rides” featuring the music of a well known entertainer or particular genre, Race Day rides and Two Hour rides. These rides are very popular, so book early!

Preparation for outdoor cycling: We offer those who are outdoor cyclists the opportunity to prepare for the transition to riding outside, and for those preparing for upcoming long distance cycling events. Rides will vary in length from 1.5hr – 3.5hr rides, and riders may progress at their own pace to prepare for their event.