Smoothies vs. Juices

When the heat and humidity hit even I don’t feel like eating. It is a rare occurrence, but it has happened. It’s during times like this that I make a smoothie for myself. There’s a nutritional rule about not drinking your calories that has come up when the conversation with clients turns to the topic of smoothies. While it is best to choose food that needs to be chewed, sometimes smoothies are a great alternative when time or energy is limited. The priority is always ensuring that your nutritional requirements are met.

I am not a fan of juice. Not the kind that comes bottled, powdered, or frozen. In many cases the amount of actual fruit is minimal, and the rest is other stuff that we really don’t need. There is usually a lot of sugar added, and if there isn’t sugar added I always question what is added to make it taste good? Another nutritional rule is that if your grandmother wouldn’t recognize the ingredient then you shouldn’t be eating or drinking it. Always read the ingredients and check out the calories contained per serving. A third nutritional rule is calculate the number of servings per package so you are aware of the number of calories you are actually consuming.

Now on to the do-it-yourself juice. I’ve never used a home juicer, but what I understand is that they remove the fibre from fruits and vegetables leaving the water and nutrients. It’s like a hit of the good stuff. That is good for some folks who have digestive issues, but for others the fibre is needed to keep the digestive process working as it should. It slows the absorption of nutrients into the blood stream, and it keeps us feeling satiated longer. These are two important benefits.

Smoothies are everything blended together. My favourite combination consists of blueberries, a banana, spinach and some Soy Milk. An alternative is to is to use half an avocado and water. It’s unbelievable how smooth the avocado makes the smoothie. Avocados do have a lot of calories but they are so full of nutrients that it’s worth it. This makes a great 350 – 400 calorie breakfast when I’m in a rush or I don’t feel like eating. There are so much combinations. The best thing to do is experiment and find a couple recipes that work for you.

While it’s best not to drink your calories, smoothies can be a great option.

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