Ride Inside

I taught Spinning (indoor group cycling) classes for years. When I first started teaching, a friend said to me “So, let me get this straight – you’re teaching people how to ride a stationary bike?”  It is a very strange concept when you think about it. I loved teaching the classes. It was a like a party on a bike. Great music led to great energy. Back then it was just the participant and the bike. No dumbbells or built in computers. The moves were simple.  As instructors, we encouraged people to do only what they were comfortable doing. Things have changed.

There are so many different class types now. You can go to a club to attend [ride??] in person or participate online in real time or ride to a pre-recorded class. You can put your bike on a trainer and hook it up to the Internet and watch yourself (avatar) ride on a virtual road with people you do or don’t know. You can spend thousands of dollars on bikes that have a screen built in. You can pay monthly fees or pay as you go. The options are endless. It’s hard to figure out what is the best option.

Here’s my 2 cents… take the path of least expense. The joke in the fitness industry is that home workout equipment often becomes a place to hang clothing. The most important thing is that you are motivated to get on the bike for a workout. If you don’t like riding a bike outside there’s a chance that you won’t like riding one inside either. If this is you or you’re not sure about the whole riding a stationary bike thing start by attending a class or two at a club. If you like being on the bike but don’t like the club atmosphere look for options to try it at home. Borrow a bike or buy something second hand. Most of the online classes have a free trial period. Try a bunch of them. I understand that they work on a computer or tablet (iPad). Hopefully you have a device already and a decent Internet connection.

There are so many benefits to riding a bike. It is worth finding a method to keep you pedalling all year round. If you’re fortunate enough to have a bike sitting idle in your house right now pull it out. Dust it off. Grab a water bottle and put on your favourite tunes. As your legs get spinning, close your eyes and imagine being on a road in your favourite part of the world. It is as simple as that.

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