Put on your jeans

There was a social media post the other day that said “I’m putting my jeans on today.” There were a ton of comments that followed. Many asked: Why? The answer was that there was grocery shopping to be done and sweatpants weren’t an option. 

We’ve been in this lockdown for long enough that for some (many) of us the extra pounds have settled nicely in places we don’t want them to. Getting on the scale is one way to look directly in the face of the truth. A better measurement is putting on clothing and seeing how it fits. Perhaps it’s a shirt that gapes where it shouldn’t or a pair of pants that can barely be done up. I prefer this method because it is more accurate, and not as demoralizing. When I say more accurate I mean that the scale measures everything. For people who exercise during weight loss programs the number on the scale either doesn’t change or doesn’t change much because they are building muscle. A pound of muscle is denser and therefore takes up less space than a pound of fat. That means the gape your shirt will lessen before you see a decrease in the number between your toes.  

We may or may not be getting closer to being “released” (how’s that for a wishy-washy statement?). While, there’s not much we can do to replace the skillful hands of our hairstylists right now, we can work on shedding some of the extra weight we’ve gained before we get to see the in-person head-to-toe versions of our families, friends and coworkers. 

The first thing to do is to go to your closet and pull out an outfit that you don’t want to try on. Next is a tough one but, try that outfit on. Assess the damage. If you can wear the outfit start wearing it as often as you can. If you can’t wear it then hang it some place that you’ll see it many times through the day (near the fridge perhaps?). Be sure to try it on at least once a day.

The next step is to take action. That means cut back on your calories. Use every tool you have to do that. Smaller portion sizes (use smaller bowls and plates). Restrict snacks. Make healthy choices. Track your calories. Put a security system on your kitchen. Get creative. Calories consumed that aren’t used are stored in your body. It’s time to do the math. Calories in need to equal calories out. There are going to be enough challenges in our future. Let’s take this time to get this one off the list. 

One last point, jeans tend to have Lycra in them. That makes them stretchy. I think it’s safe to say that jeans are the new sweatpants. When choosing the above mentioned outfit, avoid anything that stretches. You’ll only be masking the truth.

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