One Meal a Day. It’s actually the title of a book by Suzy Amis Cameron. One Meal A Day for The Planet is the full title of the book. I haven’t read it yet. The book and the movement were the topic of a podcast I listened to the other day. Anything that has to do with a lifestyle change that benefits both our health and the environment is of great interest to me. The premise is that the simple action of eating one plant-based meal a day would make a huge difference. I love the idea of that. 

Eating one plant-based meal a day won’t be much of a stretch for me because I haven’t eaten meat or poultry in years although I do eat eggs and cheese. I recently cut out fish and seafood (I will admit that fish and chips are still hard to pass up). I can’t remember what I was like when I first changed to a vegetarian type lifestyle but today, I respect the food choices of those I know and love. This new idea changes things. It’s only one meal a day. We all can change one thing a day. I’m sure of it.

We can’t look anywhere without seeing something about climate change. The wellbeing of the planet is on the line. This is one small action you can take to contribute to turning things around…and you get healthier by doing it. According to the O.M.D. website:

  • Animal agriculture contributes almost 15% of greenhouse gases. This is more than all transportation combined.
  • Animal agriculture is the #1 contributor to extinction and biodiversity loss due to the land needed for grazing and growing feed for livestock.
  • 17% of all fresh consumption is used for livestock.
  • The livestock sector is a huge contributor to global water pollution.

If the thought of taking the leap to one plant-based meal a day is too much then try one plant-based meal a week. Do that for week one week. Add another plant-based meal in week 2 and continue in that fashion for 7 weeks. Before you know it you’ll be a full-fledged member of the O.M.D. movement. We all know that we need to eat our vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables. Now there’s a reason that is bigger than us to get it done.

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