Full Body Mobilization – Part 2

If you’ve been doing the 3 movements from last weeks article you are hopefully experiencing greater mobility in your neck, shoulders and arms. I found that once I got familiar with the routine it really didn’t take long to do and it became as automatic as brushing my teeth. In fact, in one of the seminars I took the instructor called this practice “joint hygiene”. When you think about it, it makes total sense. Every day we brush our teeth. Essentially they are bones in our mouths that are the first part of the digestive process. That is their total responsibility. Our joints are responsible for everything that we do (including brushing our teeth) so why is it that they don’t get the care and attention that our teeth do? Give that some thought while you do the next 3 exercises.

  • Standing Side to Side: Standing with your arms extended overhead (keep your fingers spread and your thumb-tips remain touching through the entire movement). Contract right oblique muscles and lean to the right then come back to centre. From there contract left oblique muscles and lean to left and then return to centre. 

  • Standing Front to Back: Standing with your arms extended overhead (keep your fingers spread and your thumb-tips remain touching through the entire movement) bend forward as far as you can and then come back to the starting position. Next lean backward with arms extended and look at ceiling behind you. 

  • Standing Hip Circles: This motion is similar to the motion of swinging your leg to get off of a bike. Standing next to wall hold on with left hand and lift your right leg straight back and then up and around so that your leg and foot would be clearing an imaginary bike seat. Reverse the motion for the second part of the movement. Repeat on the left side.

Do two reps or rotations in one direction then two in the other direction. When you’re doing any of these movement exercises go slowly and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Now you have mobility exercises to do for your neck, arms, shoulders, oblique muscles, back and hips. Build these in to your daily routine for a few weeks and enjoy the benefits from improved mobility.

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