This is fun!

My idea of fun tends to be different than the rest of the population. I love a challenge and this movement is a challenge. It’s been called Kneeling to Standing or a Get-up or a Pop-up depending on how it’s done. This is a great exercise to incorporate into a daily routine because it’s all about getting up from the floor.

The following are several versions of how to do it, starting with the easiest and moving to the most challenging:

Easiest: Start in a one-legged kneeling position. If your right knee is on the floor have your left foot ahead of you so that your left knee is at a right ankle. Push off your right toes and move to the standing position so that your feet are together. The goal is that your left foot doesn’t move in the process. Repeat on the opposite side. Hold on to something for balance if need to. When you’re feeling steady, put your hands on your head to make the movement more of a challenge.

Sort of Easy: Start in a kneeling position with both knees on the floor. Bring your left foot to the floor in front you so that you are in the starting position in the “easiest” version of this exercise. Next push off your right toes and move to the standing position bringing your feet together. Reverse the process so that you’re back kneeling on the floor on both knees. Again, hold on to something for balance if need to. Putting your hands on your head will make this more challenging.

More difficult: Safely hold a weight in one hand while doing either of the above versions of the exercise. Start with the weight at your side and work up to doing with the weight overhead throughout the movement. Always start with a very light weight and build from there.

Most difficult: If you have a BOSU ball try using it for this exercise. Doing so creates a wonderful challenge for balance, stability and agility. It’s the same sequence as the “sort of easy” version but on the BOSU. Please note that returning to the kneeling position takes a lot of concentration.

Doing 10 of any one of these will take you less than 2 minutes. This exercise really works the glutes, but also incorporates the quadriceps and hamstrings.  It’s one exercise and 3 muscles. Seems like a good idea to me!

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