Home Gyms

I prefer to take the path of least expense when I do things. When I owned and operated a bricks and mortar fitness facility it was very rudimentary. When I started, aside from the Spinning bikes (it started as a Spinning facility), the equipment consisted of dumbbells, a couple of exercise balls, a BOSU trainer and a yoga mat. That was it. In reality, you don’t even need that equipment to have a gym. An empty space is all that you need. For a home gym a 4’ x 6’ space will do the trick (as long as you don’t have really long arms and legs then you’d need more space). A yoga mat (or some kind of mat) to put down will make things more comfortable but it’s not really necessary.

I’ve been reading about the shortage of gym equipment. Everything from weights to treadmills are flying off the shelves. It’s true that equipment can improve your fitness but the important point here is that it doesn’t work if it’s not used. So, if you’re thinking of setting up a home gym try taking the path of least expense. Start with a space that you can move around in without knocking over a lamp. Then for a couple of weeks do these 4 exercises regularly:

  • Push-ups (at the wall, from your knees or toes).
  • Squats
  • Plank (on your elbows and toes – hold for only as long as you can without feeling a strain in your back).
  • Superman

Start with as many repetitions as you can do without hurting yourself. Add a rep every couple of days if you’re ready for it. Do this routine in your home gym for a minimum of two weeks. Once you’ve got the commitment established then it’s time to spend some money (if you still want to). Choose something that you feel will enhance your fitness and your workout experience. If something is fun you will be more likely to use it. Personally, I feel the BOSU would be a great addition to any gym because it offers a myriad of challenges.

If you’re someone that has a home gym that is full of equipment, use what you have before you add to it. Chances are that a shiny new piece of equipment will end up collecting just as much dust as the stuff you haven’t been using. The other option is sell something that you’re bored with before you add to the collection. That way someone else gets to benefit from something you’re not using anymore.

The days of less sunlight and cold temperatures are creeping towards us. COVID-19 is not fading away. Staying in shape is becoming more of a climb. Get ready for it now for the sake of your both physical and your mental health.

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