Not all grains are created equal

There are 3 factors that greatly contribute to our health: exercise, sleep and nutrition. Sometimes when we’ve been doing the wrong thing for a long time we don’t realize how lousy we are feeling. When we stop doing that particular thing we notice a huge difference.  I have experienced that recently when it comes to eating wheat. More specifically when I eat too much overly processed wheat. 

As I’ve aged I’ve noticed that 2 things happen when I have too much refined flour. The first is that I will have a hot flash almost immediately after consuming something like plain crackers or a bun. The second is that the next day I am bloated. At first I thought it was an overnight weight gain. It was like I had added 5 pounds right to my midsection. Yes, that’s how my mind works. Then I started paying attention and I made the connection between refined flours and these weird reactions my body was exhibiting. 

I don’t believe I have a wheat intolerance because when I eat food made from less processed wheat I am fine. For me, it’s important to choose whole grains over refined grains. The difference between these two is:

  • Whole grains are ground into flour while retaining all parts of the seed, making them a better source of fibre and nutrients.

  • Refined grains are milled to have part of the seed removed so that they have a finer texture and longer shelf life.

As with every food in existence, the more that we process it the less benefit it has to our bodies. In a strange way I’m happy I’ve developed this reaction to foods that are high in calories and low in fibre and nutrients. 

Our bodies know what is best for us. We just have to learn how to listen to them.  

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