Doing the same things …

Have you heard the definition of insanity? Apparently it was Albert Einstein (although apparently he denied it) who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I often share this statement with my clients. It does feel harsh at times but I usually start by saying “this is coming from a caring place, but…”. I’m not sure if that helps at all however sometimes the truth needs to be told. After all, these people have hired me to help them improve their health.

If you were to look in the mirror and had a chat with yourself what would that be like? We’ve now been living in this pandemic situation for more than a year. The level of uncertainty that we are living with is beyond anything I’ve experienced in my lifetime. I have read articles that say getting through this type of challenge requires adaptability. I love that idea. It gives me hope. I believe that living life fully is all about adapting to the ever changing landscape that we travel.

Our health and wellbeing are supported on a tripod made up of movement, nourishment and rest. If one leg is lacking the entire system is out of whack. Chances are, if you’re being honest with yourself, you already know where the weakness is (or where the weaknesses are). I’ve been guilty of pretending that I was fine after periods of sitting too much, eating empty calories (a.k.a junk food) and staying up too late to watch just one more episode of some Netflix series that I can’t remember the name of. COVID-19 has given us lots of reasons to sit on the couch and avoid reality until this crazy time passes. That is not the answer. The answer is to try different things to find something that inspires healthy behaviours. The secret is tackling whatever it is that needs changing in bite sized pieces. Small steps could be:

  • Adding movement to your day. Make it something completely accessible like push-ups, squats, Burpees, dancing. Get creative.
  • Change one meal per day (or even one meal per week) to something that includes lots of vegetables. The more colourful the better!
  • Turn off the screen and go to bed an hour earlier than you usually do.

Pick one thing to change and focus on that. Instead of expecting anything from the change, sit back and observe. Give it some time. Two or three weeks before you make any kind of judgment would be reasonable. At the point if it’s working (you’re feeling better) keep doing it and add another healthy change to the mix. If it’s not working go back to the drawing board and try something different. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You just have to be willing to listen to the messages that your body is giving you. There’s nothing insane about that!

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