Disco Naps

I’m not someone who typically takes an afternoon nap but I have recently been introduced to the Disco Nap. The online Urban Dictionary defines it as “sleeping when ya got something going’ later on that you need to get ready for.” In my case, it happens when my energy fades in the afternoon and I need a recharge. I would like to make it part of a regular routine because it sounds like such great idea when it comes to taking a break in the middle of the day.

There are many benefits from taking a nap such as:

  • Great way to relax in the middle of a busy day.

  • Gives your body and brain a chance to reduce fatigue.

  • Can increase alertness.

  • Improve your mood.

  • Improve performance, including increased reaction times and better memory.

There are a couple of things to remember if this is something that you’re interested in trying. The first is short naps are best. Twenty minutes is the maximum amount of time to spend horizontal. The second thing is to nap before 3 pm so there is less risk of it messing up your regular sleep cycle. Of course, if you’re napping to get ready for some big night out then when you nap doesn’t really matter. 

The thing I really like about this idea is that it’s all about taking a break midday. There are still benefits to be gained even if you don’t actually sleep. The key part of this is that you lie down, close your eyes and attempt to stop thinking.

We so rarely give ourselves the opportunity to stop and rest. I am guilty of this. I have my list of things to get done in a day and it’s hard not too push through the fatigue. I am realizing though that my focus wanes and I become less productive. Starting tomorrow I am going to build in my version of a Disco Nap. I’m going to start with 10 minutes. I just put it in my calendar. How about you?

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