If you were to look at the feet of a baby or a toddler you would see that the widest part of the foot is between the big toe and the little toe. Even without looking I’m sure you can imagine that. Now have a look at your feet. Is that the case? For many people (adults) that is no longer the widest part of the foot. Next have a look at some of your footwear and chances are you will see the root of the problem. I have been guilty of shoving my feet into narrow toed shoes (loved wearing my cowboy boots) but over the last year I’ve been changing my choices in footwear or not wearing any footwear at all. My feet are so much happier. Happy feet mean a happy body.

There is a lot of controversy over the cause of bunions. A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. Some people believe that bunions are hereditary. I am not one of those people. I’m sure in some cases they can be caused by a foot deformity but in most cases bunions develop as a result of squeezing into footwear that taper to a point to some degree. 

Once that big toe starts moving over there is tendon that can help it along, making matters worse. You can put a stop to the process and even reverse the damage. Try some or all of the following (please note that all transitions should be a little at a time):

  • Transition into flat shoes (if you wear any kind of heal at all) with wide toe boxes. Choosing footwear that is foot shaped will make a difference.
  • Spend time barefoot. This will help to strengthen the feet to bring everything back into alignment.
  • Get yourself a pair of toe spreaders. It’s kind of like wearing braces to straighten teeth. It’s a long process but over time it’s possible to bring the toes back to or close to their natural position.

Of course there is surgery available to correct bunions. People I know that have had the surgery said it was painful and the recovery took a long time. Perhaps starting with the less intrusive method is the best first step.

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