We have invented ourselves into poor health.
That is a blunt statement. It’s hardly the way to start off a working relationship that will ultimately be based on support and kindness. The truth can hurt. If you’re reading this you are likely looking for assistance to improve your lifestyle. I would be honoured to help you with that.
Let me introduce myself - my name is Laurie Sweig. At the time of writing this - January 2021 - I am 60 years old. I have been working in the fitness industry as a Spinning Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer for more 15 years. My approach is about getting back to basics. In December 2016 I closed the facility in Ottawa and took this show on the road. The services I am now offering are there to help you become accountable to you.
Our bodies are meant to move. I am a believer that some is better than none when it comes to activity. The services being offered will get you started and keep you going. You can tackle it yourself, or book sessions with me if you need that “appointment”. There is no long term commitment. At least not to me. You do have to make a life long commitment to yourself. That is the POINT.

Let’s get started!